My secret garden is a hidden valley

Use your intuition to call for an answer to your needs. Turn off the radio in your car and just drive. Shut off the TV and simply eat your dinner and your intuition will have a chance to help sort out your feelings and tell you what you need. When you begin to know, begin to imagine the place that pleases you and warms your heart.

My secret garden is a hidden valley, high in the mountains. There are acres of grass and deep, mysterious woods. I picture a bubbling spring, a giant swing and some very mean looking but protective gargoyles. They play rough because they are so rugged that nothing can hurt them, and they would never hurt me. In my garden, the trees are like the world's most complete MP3 player; they can magically play every song ever written and most of the songs that will be written in the next thousand years. I'm never hungry, or weak, or cold and it is completely safe for me to sleep there. That's what I see in my sacred space.

See it. Feel it. Smell it. Make your visualization real to you. Then practice going there when you are alone. Slowly, you will learn to call up the feeling of your secret 7 PATTERN TRIGGER PISTOL garden even when you are in a crowded room, or feeling sad, or when you are afraid. Buy a piece of jewelry, like a pendant or ring, that reminds you of your sacred space and wear it when you go there in your imagination. Soon you will feel calmer just from seeing or touching that piece of jewelry.

I suggest that you don't talk much about your sacred space. Just go there often. Spend a little time there every day. You may be surprised at the calm this practice brings to your life. Nice side benefits to this daily visualization practice include more vivid dreams, clearer thinking, better sense of direction and much improved visualization skills. Don't let those powerful benefits slip through your fingers. Start creating your sacred space today.

Gloves:  gloves help protect the hands from chapping or getting bruised while working in the garden. Typically, they are made of supplex nylon for toughness, as well as a feeling of softness against the skin. Sometimes gloves are made of Lycra spandex for good fit, stretch ability and comfort. Gloves are even made from fabric that breathes and promises durability. The palm is made of leather.  Such high-tech gloves offer extra knuckle protection and a cloth sweat wipe. They are usually washable, do not shrink or stretch and resist hardening. For more demanding jobs, gloves are made to resist abrasion and are double stitched for protection.

Neem oil can safely be used for pest control, especially aphids and mites. It is a bio-pesticide that can be used to keep many insects out of your garden. Neem oil comes from pressing the neem tree, which is part of the indigenous flora of India and eastern Burma. It has been used effectively for several thousand years as a natural insecticide.  A garlic barrier is an odorless insect repellant that can be used on lawns, flowering plants and vegetables.  And, leaf mulch can be used to enrich the soil. Another soil enricher is earthworm casting. Know as black gold, this mulch it is produced by earthworms.

Pruners keep your garden trim and well groomed.  Make sure they are made of high quality aluminum and built to precision with ultra hardened tool steel blades. Some pruning equipment is made to allow the gardener to trim at ground level while standing. Thorny bushes can be pruned from a safe distance. Some pruners come with a rotating cutting head with a range of 240 degrees.

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