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The Deadman. T

ia won’t be tapping out on the NFL gridiron [url=]Authentic Jake Arrieta Jersey[/url] , because she’ll be bringing the pain to pass rushers who dare to try and get past her. There’s no doubting Nia’s power, because she just rag-dolls opponents within the squared circle. Take one look at her samoan drop, and it’s obvious that she won’t get bull-rushed.


Offensive tackles need to be quick, and most teams like their left tackles to be superb athletes. Nia certainly fits the bill here, because she moves explosively in the ring. She would have no trouble mirroring quick pass rushers, unless if it’s the superhuman Von Miller, and she could be a Taylor Decker or Taylor Lewan type on the blindside.

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LG: Kane

Sometimes it’s easy to under-appreciate Kane, but he’s one of those guys who gets respect in retrospective articles or videos. He’s worn different hats throughout his career, and he’d have no problem adjusting to different blocking schemes or working with different combinations of teammate son the offensive line.

Kane is one of the strongest competitors in the history of the WWE, and he would be an absolute mauler on the inside. It wouldn’t be difficult to find running lanes with Kane putting in work, and it would be even more difficult to push him back into the quarterback.

Delivering chokeslams and tombstones is impressive enough [url=]Cheap Ed Dickson Jersey[/url] , but imagine the look on a defensive lineman’s face once Kane latches onto them. There’s no escaping the grip of the “Big Red Machine”, and the intimidation factor alone would probably keep pass rushers at bay.

At seven feet tall, Kane is a physical specimen in every sense, and he’s absolutely ruthless. Remember that scene in “The Blindside” when Michael Oher blocked someone to the buses? Yeah, that’d be Kane at least once every game.

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C: Big Show

The Big Show wouldn’t be easy to deal with in the locker room, seeing as how he’s always flip-flopping, unsure if he’s the good guy or the villain. Outside of kayfabe, Big Show was willing to do anything to put anyone over, which makes him a great fit as the selfless centerpiece of a beefy, hard-working offensive line.

Lately, Big Show has been busy leaning up for his WWE WrestleMania 33 match [url=]Authentic Jarrod Dyson Jersey[/url] , but his offensive line coach would probably like him to keep on the extra pounds. Big Show would be an immovable force up front, and he’d put in the work to make sure he wouldn’t have to miss chunks of time with injury. This is a guy an offensive coordinator can rely on to play every snap, and he and Kane would make life quite easy for Mysterio in the backfield.

A storied career in the Kevin Mawae mold would befit Big Show, who would quickly earn the respect of his peers with his strong work ethic and brute force. Of course, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to make enemies outside of his own locker room, as he’s be willing to get into scrums to protect his teammates from a cheapshot. You could count on him to have Cena’s back, unless if it’s Survivor Series.

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RG: Kevin Owens

Whether it’s Geoff Schwartz or Evan Mathis, we’ve seen plenty of charismatic offensive guards in the NFL. Kevin Owens would certainly be on that list, and his Twitter feed might even blow theirs out of the water. Owens isn’t afraid to rile up some fans, and I’m sure the faithful followers of his team would appreciate the barbs he’d send at opposing defensive linemen.

Owens doesn’t look like he should be quick, and the amateur scout would surmise that he is out of shape. Far from it. Owens is capable of executing excellent dives and flips in the squared circle [url=][/url] , and he’d have the athletic ability to block in space, pulling effectively and blocking linebackers on screen passes to help spring Ziggler or Bryan loose.

In the WWE, Owens’s work in the ring and on the mic is among the best in the business. He’s been booked as the quintessential cowardly heel, but he’d reassume his role as the “Kill, Steen, Kill!” beast we once knew in Ring of Honor and throughout the independent circuit.

A big drawback with Owens would be costly penalties. He’d have no shortage of enemies in this league, and he’s willing to resort to cheapshots in order to get a message across, or simply to get revenge on a foe. Holding penalties would also be frequent, though he would be smart enough to avoid racking up flag counts similar to Alex Barron‘s.

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RT: The Undertaker

If you think Jack Conklin has a mean streak, imagine lining up across from “The Deadman” himself on Sundays. The Undertaker would have no trouble digging a hole right in the middle of the gridiron and burying your soul into the catacombs of the field. No away crowd would rile him, and no man would be strong enough to face off against him.

A throwback to the old days of offensive line play [url=]Cheap Shaquem Griffin Jersey[/url] , the Undertaker wouldn’t need cheap tricks to keep pass rushers at bay. He’d simply anchor and frustrate pass rushers, neutralizing their quickness and embarrassing them if they decided to use power moves against him.

The Undertaker is arguably the single greatest icon in the history of sports entertainment, and no wrestler—not even AJ Styles—has earned more respect than The Deadman. Taker is in a league of his own, and I’m sure he’d love to add another 21-game wining streak to his resume.

In case the Undertaker and Kane have some brotherly trouble, it makes sense to put him on Kevin Owens’ side of the line. That way, any problems “at home” wouldn’t spill onto the gridiron. Since . [url=]Cheap Jrue Holiday Jersey[/url] , [url=]Womens Antonio Callaway Jersey[/url] , [url=]Womens Uchenna Nwosu Jersey[/url] , [url=]Cheap Nicolas Batum Jersey[/url] ,

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