I favor constant income/drops that way I've some kind of organization

That I HAVE done (And adore ) Unicows. 3 If you've got the Ardy Cape, use it, otherwise, get it. Since these fall Unicorn Horns 100% of the time that you ALWAYS profit. You may never not profit from OSRS gold these, even if you are an idiot and suck Runescape, you can gain from Unicows.

I favor constant income/drops that way I've some kind of organization going on, where I'm not confused as to when I'll profit (Being unsure annoys me) I'd say that Unicows are better, just because: No expertise in Bandos throne room myself to really compare. Odds to profit are more continuous killing Unicows. Aside from the quest, and having the ability to kill a lvl 25, there's barely any prerequisites for using the Tower of Life. As to with Bandos throne room, I assume there's afew quest that are of medium difficulty, and you need either high def, or prayer (And cash.) There's NO WAY people may steal your kills at Unicows, since you summon the beast, and only you are able to kill it. ASSUMING people can steal kills in Bandos throne room because in the guide I read, it said that you can bring a friend along with you to assist...

Avansies are good money (And Xp) from 70+ Range, so that I don't understand why you aren't getting at least 300k a hour. If you're getting that, and whining, then nothing in RS is good enough for you. But here is other things I have found to be decent money makers...

Green Dragons in Chaos Tunnels, as soon as you can locate a world with no bot murdering everything. Clan Wars is getting too crowded. Fire Giants in Waterfall Dung are also superior money/Xp. Zammorack Warriors (Which PaladinPker enjoys apparently) are located in the Chaos Tunnels and shed Rune Scims basically every kill. I've been there on my main, and in my pure. I utilized the Prayer Pot method in my Pure, although I really could just tank the strikes my primary (This was with 99 Def.) Ghostly Warriors or w/e they're called at the portal after Spirit of Summer are buy RuneScape gold also wonderful. I'm not sure what method that you utilize (Prayer/Tanking), since I have never had experience with Zerkers.
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