The local bead stores are usually small chains

Modern shoppers of beads for jewelry making always find an impressive selection of various types of beads, and this gives them the ability to find what’s perfect for their designs. Finding the right bead for your project is important because they create a great impact on your end product. During my beading days, there are some places that I did not fail to visit for my required jewelry making supplies.


I frequently visit some of my favorite online bead stores, and there are a ton of them on the internet.  I get my supplies from these shops for my made to order jewelry pieces.  I have several suppliers, because different vendors have different specialties. One vendor may be good at fancy clasps, and the other can give you semi previous gemstones. Many online stores always offer a great variety of beads for jewelry making, have fair prices, and the can ship your order quickly; and if you’re lucky you may find a store that has free shipping. Just make a thorough research, and you’ll find many more reputable stores.


The local bead stores are usually small chains or little mom and pops. There might be one near your house, but don’t get surprised if you find the items there a bit overpriced. They mostly sell on a per bead basis, so the cost can quickly add up. These places are beneficial when you need something that is not very ordinary, like a gemstone pendant. I hit the local bead stores only when my design requires beads for jewelry making that is a bit unique.


Craft stores such as Michael’s, Joanne, AC Moores, or Hobby Lobby are also in my list of suppliers of beads for jewelry making. Often I am offered a 20 per cent off on all types of beads, and 15 per cent off on jewelry findings by Joanne but not in Michael’s  They all have a big stock of head pins, ear wires, beading wires, jump rings, and all that stuff.  In these stores, beads are sold normally in strands, little packages, or vials.


Bead shows are also great places to stock up on your beads for jewelry making. Normally, these shows roll into a venue for a weekend.  The beads in these shows are sold on vials or strands, and there are always great deals in these show finds. You’ll find booths with buckets of $1 strands so this place is one of my favorites to flock to. Attending bead shows can be exhausting, both physically and financially.


A good show where I’ve recently been was the Bead Fest that comes only to Texas and Philadelphia. I’m lucky because it is near my residence, while the others go all out – flights, long drives, hotels, and all for these things.


If you’re interested to attend a bead show but these are not scheduled in areas near you, flip through some magazines, such as the Bead n Button, of the Bead Style. There are ads there for bead shows schedules in various cities of the USA.

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