What are the best gold farming locations in WoW Classic?

1. The Swamp of Sorrows - Jaguars Swamps - this location is occupied by lethal and bloody big cats/feline species that dispense heaps of Vendor Trash Items (Bristly Whisker & Long Soft Tail), Wicked Claws, 12 Space Bags, Large Fangs. Jaguar swamps is a great loot place and the perfect location for Classic WoW Gold farming level 40.To get more news about buy WoW gold Classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
2. The Eastern Plaguelands - Plaguebats - These Plague-infected monstrous flying creatures stray the southern part of Eastern Plaguelands. Slaughtering these beastly flying creatures gives you a bunch of Vendor Trash Items (Bat Ear, Large Bat Fang, Evil Bat Eye, and Sleek Bat Pelt), Thick Hide, Wicked Claws, Thick Leather, Rugged Hide, & Rugged Leather. The Tyr's Hand - can be found in a South-Eastern part of Eastern Plaguelands. One of the Scarlet Crusade's Bastions. Any Scarlet Crusade member in this location can provide you chunks of great Loot Tables. Your focus here is Scarlet Archmage because Scarlet Archmage gives you ~14 Silver worth of Pocket Money, a load of Runecloth, and above all will give you Formula: the Enchant Weapon, and Crusader that is most valuable of all Enchanters. If you are an experienced Rogues, this location is a perfect spot for you.
3. The Stranglethorn Vale - Kurzen's Compound - You'll encounter in this location the Kurzen Wranglers, Kurzen Medicine Men, Kurzen Jungle Fighters, and Kurzen Commandos. The Humanoids here discard a bunch of Silk Cloth, Wool Cloth, Vendor Trash Items, some Pocket Money, Fadeleaf or Liferoot also known for Medicine Men, or 12 Slot Bags. Cold Eye Basilisks - In this location of Western shoreline in the middle of Stranglethorn Vale is full of deadly Basilisks monsters.
These Basilisks monsters released a load of Vendor Trash Items (which includes Intact Basilisk Spine, Squishy Basilisk Eye, Large Basilisk Tail, and Curved Basilisk Claw), Large Fangs, Wicked Claws, and Cold Basilisk Eye(please take note -at power leveling 35 BoE Trinket is very valuable here because unique Trinkets are precious and most treasured in WoW Classic). Also, the monsters in this location are the best source for Heavy Leather and Thick Leather. 4. The Wetlands - Here at Whelgar's/Dwarven Excavation Site this is a location in WoW Classic inhabited by Raptors (Mottled Scythemaws and Mottled Razormaws). You need to have a skinning profession to farm in this location because the large fraction of income from this area is collected by Raptors Skinning. Also, these Raptors disposed any of Vendor Trash Items and Raptor Eggs slot. 5. The Azshara - In Vanilla WoW Lageshi Satyrs is found in northern Azshara, this region is a perfect source or origin of Runecloth as these Satyrs dispense an insane amount of Runecloth, extremely valuable Felcloth, Pocket Money and Vendor Trash Items.
This is recommended at WOW Classic Power Leveling - 50+ but at level 52+ you should be extra careful because Satyrs may be complicated due to although the Satyrs hold the Flawless Fel Essence in Azshara region, they can attract additional enemies when they escape on lower health. 6. The Feralas -The Isle of Dread Chimaeras is situated near of the Western coast in the land of Feralas and is dwelled by destructive Arcane Chimaeroks and Elite Chimaeroks.
These nasty beasts are very challenging to kill if you are a solo gamer except if you are a highly skilled Mage or a Highly Skilled Hunter. The Chimaeras in this location provide Vendor Trash Items (Forked Tongue, & Brilliant Scale), however, please keep in mind that the Chimaeras are the only source of Chimaerok Tenderloin. 7. The Felwood - Grizzlies, Maulers and Acidmaw Bears - The Gigantic Angerclaw Bears found in Felwood are contaminated by the Fel Magic. You can earn WoW Classic Gold if you free these giant bears from their agonizing world.
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