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The first case Ghostek has set

The upcoming iPhone will come with interesting features that will warrant an upgrade but the design will force some people to skip it in favour of the 2019 model.The report by Forbes states, "The first case Ghostek has set live for the iPhone 11 is the Atomic Slim3, a heavy-duty aluminium bumper. Moreover, the case images show-off the iPhone 11 design from every angle, highlighting both the new mute switch and controversial ‘stove top’ cameras which protrude to such an extent that Ghostek states it had to raise the bevel of its case’s protection to 2.This year, Apple will be using a new design on its iPhone 11 devices and this change has polarized Apple fans the world over. A new report by Forbes has confirmed the new design that Apple will employ on the iPhone 11 and the large camera hump appears to be a dead certainty.
The brand successfully leaked the design of the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10 ahead of its launch which gives them a fair bit of credibility.While case manufacturers usually jump the gun when it comes to launching products as they want to have their wares available in time for the launch; Ghostek has a stellar track record when it comes to predicting smartphone designs.This is one of Apple’s worst designs and it has been receiving a lot of abuse online even though it hasn’t been officially revealed as well.Case manufacturer Ghostek has revealed that it does not just know that this is the design that Apple will use but they are so confident that they have started making cases and taking preorders which will begin shipping in August, a full month ahead of the iPhone 11’s release. Ghostek is also providing buyers of its cases a 60-day return window, a period that lasts up Fuel filter OEM to a month after the iPhone launches which undoubtedly proves their confidence.
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