I feel as though Mining gets more slack since it has more vairety

At least you're able to make decent money training RC at quite low levels if you apply the abyss. Mining is simply cancer. Learn volcanic mine. It will change your life. Blast mining is RS gold better cash and Xp than mlm (for greater mining lvl idk about lower lvl) I got from 98-99 pretty quickly. I'd get a ~170k xp drop after amassing 900 dynamite worth of ore that's ~1500 ore.

Simply make rocks act like trees and have a chance of depleting. Meanwhile rs3 be similar to"have you heard of this mining and smithing rework? Oh wait you're still mining iron like it's 2005". Man, that would be among the few things I'd bring back to osrs out of rs3. M&s upgrade was such a huge improvement to the original.

OSRS has pretty much copypastad most of their updates directly from rs3

I mean osrs has fairly much copypastad most of their upgrades directly from rs3 with a different colourscheme or reduced xp rates . . Aside from that pretty much most of osrs is just bringing shit out of rs3 into osrs that gamers want.I obtained 99 agility and runecrafting as my first 99's, I cannot fucking stand mining. The skills sucks. Just sucks barely over Runecrafting though.

It's afkable in comparison with the options. Reaching the demands for the massive sack along with the upper level does not take that long either. Then there's volcanic mine/blast exploration. The ability has changed significantly compared back together with 2013. Rs3 did a nice job of reworking mining to make it a less intensive ability for minimal benefits.

I feel as though Mining gets more slack since it has more vairety. MLM is available at a much lower level than Bloods, even if Bloods are a whole lot nicer. However, RC is mostly the exact same exact thing; abyss or normal and combo rune or not dosn't change a great deal. Even ZMI is not that different. The exact same is said for mining iron, granite, and gems, but additional methods like MLM, Blast Mine, and Volcanic do stand out a whole lot more to cheap RuneScape gold provide additional choices.
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