4 Motion Graphics Trends To Look In 2020

With the surge in technology, everything around us is evolving day by day. The same is the case of motion graphics where every day new trends and techniques are updated to make it more reliable and effective. However, for a motion designer, it is important to know about all the trends. Thus, below given is a post depicting about some major trends to watch out this year in motion graphics

Ubiquitous 3D

This is the common trend where 3D transitions are used to create animated videos. Also, in this trend, the 2D and 3D are combined to form a smart graphic work in the video.

Complexity of VFX

The next trend is to use complex visual effects to grab the audience’s attention. In this trend computer-generated explosions, firestorms, and other graphics are used to make the video interactive.

Smooth Transitions

To give a natural look to the video nowadays, smooth transitions play an important role. The objects, images, and logos are morphed which ensure the sleekest transitions in the videos and cater to the shortened attention spans of modern humans.

Color Gradient

Using vibrant and colorful interfaces plays an important role to make your videos interactive and attractive. The use of color gradients to create the background and illustrations is another major trend of animated videos.
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