The accused would mix small amounts of Datura

Kishan was reportedly jobless and quarrelled with his father over money. The accused is his son Kishan who is absconding."The mother and sister claimed that they participated against their will.Secunderabad: In a gruesome incident, a man allegedly killed his father, chopped his body into pieces and stored the body parts in plastic buckets at in home in Secunderabad. He was a retired Indian Railways employee.The wholesale tree guards Manufacturers victim has been identified as Maruti Kishan. The accused had been unable to dispose of the dismembered parts because they were worried it would have been noticed by the neighbours.The heinous crime became public after two days, when neighbours complained of foul odour from the house.Police official said, "The accused would mix small amounts of Datura (a poisonous plant) in the victims drink, so he would fall asleep after drinking and not create a nuisance.. On Friday, a larger quantity was mixed and the man died, after which the son chopped up his body with a kitchen knife. According to NDTV report, the accused reportedly forced his mother and sister to help through threats and blackmail.Police officers were shocked to find the head, hands, legs and other body parts stuffed inside as many as eight plastic buckets.
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