The walls of the room are adorned with her paintings

The size denotes fertility and sexuality."It is Catherine’s observations about women’s struggles across the globe that encouraged her to come up with this project. For that, we will have to give up our luxuries, which is not an easy task.At Kashi gallery in Fort Kochi, artist Catherine Stoll-Simon quietly sits in a corner. This pattern, which I couldn’t control from happening, substantiates that," says the artist. Ask Catherine about this, she says, "That is how they are seen in those drawings. "In this work, the only controlled part is where I drew images of goddess Venus, inspired from the pre-historic cave scribbling," she adds. I wanted to represent something big, wild and pure about feminine power. "I was working on a canvas spread over a plastic sheet on the floor. The nature is in danger and if we don’t take a step now, we will lose it forever. These lines represent borders set by society for women. We are not connected to nature.What she tries to communicate is that finding feminine energy in oneself is equivalent to becoming unselfish and sensible. We cannot control it. "Do you see the patterns? They happened quite accidentally," she says with a smile. "In the recent times, we saw women coming out and speaking about their struggles as part of the MeToo movement. Hence this," she explains. They are faceless and bigger in size. "It is to bring this connection that I brought sea, land and natural objects in my work.
Once I took it off the sheet, I saw this pattern created by plastic on the rear side. China Wholesale gutter guards Suppliers "Everyone, including men, have a feminine energy inside them. It is done in a unique style, which Catherine stumbled upon sometime back. Once you find out it, you will learn to love the world and nature," says Catherine. I poured paint on it and let it dry. "Energy is unstoppable. The walls of the room are adorned with her paintings in blue. I found it very interesting and decided to retain it," she says. "Now, most of us live in cities.The proportion of the figures is larger than normal. The adjacent room hosts another set of her paintings in earthy shades, which are an extension of the blue ones. Both the sea and land have been polluted by us. At the same time, I felt that something was missing in that story. As a woman, I was glad to see women fighting for their rights. "They represent the worlds of sea and earth," says Catherine, a French plastic painter and writer, who loves experimenting with mediums.Catherine is so glad that the technique aptly complements the theme — feminine energy.Besides self-discovery, she exhorts viewers to be compassionate towards nature through her paintings. These goddesses are queens of nature and feminine energy is the medium to connect to nature," says Catherine." Catherine hopes that her works would inspire minds.. Like she says, it is a call for everyone to discover their feminine side, so that love will prevail. The stories told were only about victimisation.Her current project in acrylic, ink and found objects, talks about feminine energy and nature conservation. There comes the significance of feminine power
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