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industrial limited company

sincere treasure of division of the French clean blessing that adds up to industrial limited company to introduce, France, Japan east spin, England is protected beautiful, High Quality Solid Decking the international such as Taiwan Pu Long is celebrated brand large quantities of introducing Central Plains market, it entered the market to gain the favour of broad consumer. This kind of indoor floor is material of high polymer environmental

protection be made meticulously through high-tech and advanced equipment and become. Its are main the advantage is: One, super- strong wear-resisting, fight concussion, Fake Wood Decking Pricing changeless form, can repeat use, service life is 20 - 30 years. 2, colour is rich and flowery, can spell a plan arbitrarily, sufficient play is envisaged naturally and originality, the individuation that can satisfy stylist and different decking board build plans user

completely asks. 3, green environmental protection, without formaldehyde, without radiation, contain curb bacterium part, can check of the bacterium adhere to and cause, reach the use level with strict hospital. 4, Yi Qingjie, avoid maintenance, do not be afraid that leach is mixed smeary, rare acid, alkaline wait for chemical diy composite retaining wall railing ties material erode, use commonly wet pull cloth to sweep can, the save labour when the

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