Cost of solar cells has dropped significantly

Recently released its first-ever regulations to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants text now, many policy makers in Congress and state capitals want to know: how countries can effectively meet the proposed standard, the most cost-effective? Carbon-free power generation, these sources have been promoting the 50 states of economic development, create jobs and attract new investment in favor of rural and national economies.    
Last year, the $ 13.7 billion invested in solar energy nationwide, making it the fastest-growing US renewable energy sources, accounting for nearly 30% of the installed throughout the United States in 2013 and all new generating capacity 143,000 Americans every day more than 6,100 solar energy enterprises.     Both technologies are undergoing rapid price declines, and these savings are passed on to consumers. American-made high towers, China rechargeable emergency light factory longer blades and improved gearbox, as well as over 30 years of experience in the field helps to reduce wind costs. According to the Department of Energy cost, energy generated by wind power in just four years, a 43% reduction.     Cost of solar cells has dropped significantly, as well. Residential photovoltaic installation average price also dropped by 43%, from the tile, since 2010 utility-scale PV prices fell 61 percent during the same period. This is an incredible decline, has helped the Sun to a record-breaking consecutive years.     And many of the traditional sources of energy, wind and solar energy emitted no pollution of air and water, creating non-hazardous waste. Carbon emissions from electricity generation in the US EPA's proposed rule in the largest industrial source is the United States has once again become the rest of the world can follow the leadership opportunities. We have on our way.    
Zero-emission wind to avoid enough carbon pollution, take 20 million cars per year, the equivalent of the road. More than 10 states have reduced carbon emissions by more than 10% from wind alone. Although there is no single solution to meet the goal of reducing carbon emissions, wind and solar power needed are the two biggest, the fastest, most cost-effective way to meet the EPA's proposal.     Today, solar energy will provide a huge boost to our environment, to national efforts to meet the new and enhanced air quality standards, solar energy can be a real game changer. Solar energy is a technology solution that can provide a national effort, from the power industry, regulate carbon emissions cost-effectiveness, economic efficiency and an integral part of it.
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