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lumber carriage card

examine and verify of lumber carriage card is signed and issue and lumber carries supervisory examination to execute the law behavior will farther standard, in the meantime,pvc products factory from Messenia forestry system administers highway " 3 chaos " strength also will be increased further. Strengthen forestry administration to execute the law further the job, fulfil seriously destroy responsibility of silvan natural resources to find out

system and case report system. To this, will continue to increase hit strength to destroying case of silvan natural resources, do good masses to inform against the conduction 8ft no warping wooden fence panels job of the case seriously, natural resources of farther normative forest manages and execute the law behavior. Natural resources of farther aggrandizement forest is supervised, ensure each supervisory task is finished in the round this year.

This year, will do forest of forest zone of good focal point to cut in the round the nucleus of licence sends the work, had caught seriously " 3 gross " examination, increase what landscaping around a porch stoop silvan natural resources supervises an orgnaization to accredit strength further. National forestry bureau should be in have the foundation that accredits silvan natural resources to supervise an orgnaization to go up, to all carrying out

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