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the farmer that already

areas had broken away from poverty, the farmer that already reached level of well-off of down to of dress warmly and ear one's fill even builds a house, had been seaside building materials far from the metempsychosis of lumber, close iron and steel, cement through, begin to resemble oppidan again in that way, pursuit returns uncut jade to return true, be close to natural consumption, the material that the bridge outside be being become with

lumber, column, rafter, purlin takes seriously again when building a room to decorate and with real wood, aggrandizement Mudebanzun decorates complementary outfit material. cost of composite wall board for outside of home All these elements, pull necessarily move demand of rural lumber market to pick up. Data sources China builds a journal Does Shanghai of firm of world forest estate look for business chance: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton

row? Shanghai of firm of world forest estate looks for business chance Issue date: 2003-3-4 origin: Machine of industry of forestry of the 5th China International, split back cast iron bench timber and the international that supply an exhibition 25 days to be in Shanghai exhibit center and world trade store to kick off, the forest estate firm that comes from world each country is appearing on look for business chance in a large-scale here. The

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