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The Stuart Weitzman and Le Vian Evening Shoes are a stunning pair of women's shoes. They are a sort of symbol of the conjugation that took place between the brand Stuart Weitzman and the 500 year old tradition of Le Vian. These women's slippers are made of shiny sliver leather which is decorated with over 200 carats of precious stones like tanzanite gemstones (185 carats), diamonds (28 carats).

I wanted a photo of the shoes passing through the Xray machine, but the air safety rules prohibit it.A few weeks before I flew, I visited the airport and Golden Goose spoke to their security chief to ensure that it would all be fine. They ran the shoes through the machine then to confirm that it was all okay.When I did fly, I didn't even prewarn Sydney Airport. All I did was tell the Xray operator that the shoes were shoephones.However, even knowing that it was within the air safety rules to fly wearing a shoe phone, I decided against wearing it on the way out of the USA, since I understand that the TSA in the US are a bit more jumpy.

Anyone, male or female, that is the slightest bit artistic, has probably at some point considered starting a tee shirt business. The fashion industry is a very appealing place. Some of the richest brands in the world are fashion lines, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, etc.

Best of all, chances are you already have everything you need at home!I have a few ThankYou notes I'd like to hang out. These guys gave me loads of help on my forum topic. Thanks guys! RocketScientist2015 NachoMahma LinuxH4x0r techking Goodhart Firebert010 Brennn10DISCLAIMER: I'm NOT responsible for anything you do to your pants OR yourself while performing any actions described in this Instructable.

With adjustable poles, you have the option of changing your pole height to suit the circumstances. Many people prefer to use a shorter pole for the uphill and a longer one for the downhill. If you're in deep snow, you may want your poles a bit shorter so you don't have to pick them up so far, or a bit longer so that they're the right height when buried in the snow.

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