This year, the Queer Azaadi March invited people

"I’ve been coming here for the last three years.What brings Mykel all the way from New York is to be an ally. I am 47 years old today — I have seen a lot of things. Heightened spirits, bright costumes, and colourful people, the walk welcomes hundreds to take to the roads of South Mumbai, stocked with numerous placards, each voicing a plight and slogans to raise awareness about sexualities. Mykel runs Broadway to Bombay, a project that concentrates on movement therapy as a way of coming to terms with one’s sexuality in both Mumbai and New York. But a certain man in a neon pink tutu caught our attention..
Turns out, dressed formally barring the glitter in his hair, Suren Abrio is a priest.Amidst the crowd, a tall man stands several feet away. "I don’t have to be gay or queer to wear a tutu and sport neon glasses. He is accompanied by young people from his parish, all coming to back the Parade year after year. I want to have the option to wear these even as a man," he says. "They use us and then they just throw us away.As so, the colourful troupe walks on and on till the end. "There are a lot of young people here who don’t know the queer struggle as I do. His costume, Mykel believes expresses his artistic freedom ad expression. The energy and spirit is what brings me back. We are going to stick around for longer. Mykel Dicus"Society treats us like plastic," he strongly feels. I hope to bring my experiences of the last 25 years of Pride Walks here," he says. But I want to let them know that we aren’t that easily disposable. It is quite the most wonderful walk there is," she says.
All the way from New York, Mykel Dicus is in Mumbai specifically for the Pride March this year. Be it bridal wear or a fancy costume, red could easily be deemed the top colour choice this year. We (queer people) are here, fighting for our rights, and that is the reality," he says. "I come from a environment-friendly background, so it is undoubted that the best costumes can be made from plastic!" he says. However his height isn’t his only aspect of him that sets him apart — his hair is full of glitter.Like Ram, a lot of people are dressed in bright red costumes.But that is only the secondary message that Ram wants to give through his costume. His very first Pride Walk has him dressed in an all red costume donning a crown made of plastic bottles.This year, the Queer Azaadi March invited people from all over the country. Ram Rao comes from all day way from Tamil Nadu. "This is my first ever Pride Walk here, and is every bit as colourful and ecstatic at the one we have back home," he says.Every year, the LGBT Mumbai Pride March brings new things to Mumbai. "I am here because I believe Wholesale gutter guards Suppliers in equality for all," he smiles. Joanne Pinto, a budding poet, walks every year.
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