Swach Bharat Abhiyan with its concepts of waste management segregation

The team used tetra packs piled on top of each other in seven to 11 layers to form a roof. Organised at Dublin Square, Pheonix Marketcity Kurla which happened on Saturday and will continue through the day today. It also involves resolving the landfill issue. A conduit pipe to help water flow, a mosquito net that would help to keep away solid waste, mosquitoes and other pests complete the set-up.Swach Bharat Abhiyan with its concepts of waste management segregation has been a hot topic for the past few years.The chair can take 60-70 kgs of weight. The team leader Omkar Bele says, "We thought of this idea to help the elderly and people with disabilities.The team claims it gutter guards Manufacturers to be the first upcycling festival of India. "People have a lot of creative ideas."
Automatic meal dropper for dogsThe team leader of Team Savage, Sahil Poojari came up with the idea of making an automatic meal dropper to help feed dog on time, even when you’re not around. Kabaad Ka Jugaad is all about educating and engaging people to innovatively upcycle waste to work towards a sustainable environment. Out of 150 participants, the top 40 teams get a chance to showcase their creations at the Kabaad Mela. The team made use of plastic barrel drums as the basic structure for the chair and plastic waste and foam for the cushion.". Kabaad Mela follows an annual upcycling competition, and is designed to actively involve people to participate and showcase their innovations at this festival. Sarvesh Ayare from the team says, "This project will help slum-dwellers make use of rainwater and save half of the amount they are currently spending on roofing their homes. Harshil’s team believes that recycling has its limitations and creative reuse is the need of the hour. Any pet-owner might benefit from this," Sahil explains. "
There is a circuit in the machine that helps you set time according to your choice. Taking the philosophy of the abhiyan to heart, 21-year-old Harshil Vora founded Proinnovate Upcycling Foundation, a non-profit organisation with Kabaad Ka Jugaad as its brand. We collected plastic jars, wooden planks and then arranged the circuit so that it operates automatically. TetroofThis is a rainwater harvesting innovation, which aims to help slum-dwellers. All they need is a platform to showcase it and get recognised," says Harshil. It is this idea that led to the inception of Kabaad Mela. Hanging Chair Team Final Five came up with an idea of making a swinging chair, which can be placed at home. Construction site rope ties the swing to it’s spot
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