Microphones are also important part of the studio audio equipments

Some of the important studio equipments include audio amplifiers, headphones and microphones. An efficient mic cable must include serve shield and copper conductor for rewarding flexibility to the wire. The microphone cable can include copper shield for maximum protection. The microphone cable must include capacitance of 1 kHz and resistance of 23 ohm. An efficient audio equipment cable can offer shield protection Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Knife of around 95%. Audio amplifier is also important studio audio equipment. 

An efficient audio amplifier can include features that include discrete linear design, low noise, 100 Watts/Channel, XLR & 1/4 Inputs, silent cooling system, ground lift switch, multi way outputs, Rackmount Design, aluminum and steel chassis and project studio compatible. Buyers must make a proper check over if the amplifiers are producing great sound or not. Some of the most paramount features of a premium audio amplifier is that it should include powerful, clean circuitry and uncomplicated user interface. It is important to choose headphones that can produce undistorted and powerful sound required in professional environments. 

The headphones must produce same sound quality even after hours of continuous use. A premium headphone must include extra large speakers for a wider dynamic range and higher sensitivity. Some of the important features of a high quality headphone include semi-open design, on ear, adjustable headband, ear phones should not pinch the ear, ear pads should be made of ultra soft velvet, mobile environment compatibility, high efficiency output and many more. The ear phone in the headphone used in home studios must be absolutely oxygen free as only then it can produce pure sound. 

Microphones are also important part of the studio audio equipments. A premium microphone must include silent switching, vacuum tube and dual diaphragm design so as to produce extremely effective sound. The internal microphone switching must be designed so as to cater to the entire studio recording requirements. The microphone must include equivalent noise level so as to reduce the background noise. Some of the important inclusions in the microphone include output connector, frequency response of around 20 kHz, external roll-off, impedance of 200 ohms, sensitivity of 1 kHz, accurate sound pressure level, sensitivity increase, H 15/T elastic suspension, Aluminum flight case and W 42 foam windscreen. 


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