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There are three USB3.Portronics has launched a type-C multi-port hub called "Mport 7C", a portable, plug and play device..Mport 7C is available in silver colour and weighs 100 grams.1 Type C, one HDMI port to TV or projector and one each SD card and microSD card slots.The Portronics Mport 7C could be a solution for this which helps you connect up to 7 devices.1 type-C is Wholesale Fuel filter components Manufacturers claimed at 5 Gb/s, which is 10 times more as compared to USB 2.0 or 3.0), an external keyboard, an external storage device, USB flash drive, a mouse, gaming console, projector or TV on HDMI port (1080 or 4K).0 ports, one USB 3. You can connect simultaneously up to 7 gadgets to your type-C Laptop.Mport 7C is a USB 3. This helps in enabling full-speed MacBook charging while simultaneously remaining connected to other devices.
These devices could be a standard USB pen drive (USB 2. With built-in protection from over-voltage and over-current, Mport 7C is also said to keep all your digital devices safe. It comes at the price tag of Rs 2999 with 12 months of Portronics warranty.We usually face the problem of not being able to connect various devices to our laptop or PCs. Inspired from Apple’s minimalist design philosophy, Mport 7C has aluminium-alloy finish and compact design.The speed of transfer of 3.1 type-C multimedia adapter that is able to do power delivery along with data transfer.0/2.0, as per Portronics.
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