The Keurig Brewing System is truly a gourmet coffee system

I began drinking coffee in the workplace over 25 years ago.  I drank it out of necessity, as I learned that it would keep me a little sharper and gave me a little more energy.  It also helped me to stay more focused, whether I needed to take on difficult mental tasks such as programming which I enjoyed or mundane administrative tasks which I did not enjoy.  The problem was that I never really liked the taste of coffee, so I would add quite a bit of sugar and cream, depending on how strong or bitter the coffee was to start with. So basically I would doctor it up to the point that it didn't taste quite as bad however it never really tasted good, but I wasn't drinking it for enjoyment.

Since I never really enjoyed coffee, then I always just purchased a very cheap coffee maker, with no frills, fancy buttons or anything like that.  The first one lasted for about 15 years and the second one I bought about 10 years ago and I was still using until last Christmas.  My daughter gave me the Keurig Elite Brewing System for Christmas with an assortment of different coffees to try.  I have to admit that I probably would have never bought it for myself, but I guess that what constitutes a good gift.

The Keurig Brewing System is truly a gourmet coffee system, and one which I would highly recommend. Instead of having to use lots of cream and sugar to cover up the taste of the coffee, I use a minimal amount of cream and sugar which for me helps to accentuate the great flavor of the coffee.  It is extremely easy to use as you just pop a K-cup pack in and it makes a cup of coffee very quickly.  At first I thought that only making a single cup of coffee at a time was a disadvantage, however the coffee is always fresh this way.  I would recommend that you either use bottled water or make sure you drain the water from inside the unit before making your first cup of coffee each morning.  The coffee has such a good flavor that if you use "stale" tap water then you can get a bit of an aftertaste.  I use tap water, but what I do each morning before making my first cup of coffee is empty and refill the external water container and then run two coffee cups ice cream mould manufacturers of just water through the unit to drain out the internal tank that still contains some water from the previous day.

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